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Happy New Year!

2019 was a year of ups and downs like so many others (our sink leaked for about two or three months, gophers tore up our backyard, and there were some seriously deep heartaches to bear), but I can't help but feel blessed. I finished a first draft of the fairy tale retelling I've been working on. I ran my first ever half marathon. I did not finish illustrating my husband's children's book, so I guess that's still on my list of goals, but I did learn more about marketing a book. I also wrote some poems I'm pretty happy with, which you can check out on this blog. Our family got to go to the beach a few times as well as Disneyland (I love, love, love Disneyland!!!). I started a book club and made some wonderful new friends. But most of all, I have had eye opening moments this year that have taught me to open my heart a little more. It's like I can feel it expanding, making a little more room for people, and hopefully being a little more open and forgiving. I'm a work in progress, but I'm happy with the direction I'm headed in.

I'll also say -- I'm looking forward to 2020. I like the symmetry and overall roundness of the number. I'm looking forward to another birthday, fun trips yet to be planned, and of course, more writing! My number one writing goal for the new year though? Get Dear Clara published. I'm close. I think. Each draft gets better, and I have gotten such great feedback.

Yep, I really think I'm close this time.


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