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Writing is like Planting Seeds...

I love this quote. LOVE IT. Besides writing, I have been doing a lot of gardening, and let me tell you, tons of gardening metaphors have been coming to mind lately. A tiny seed holds so much promise, so much potential. When I water my plants, I stare at those huge vines laden with fruit and marvel that it all started with a seed.

I'm still very much in the beginnings of my writing career, but I think back to that one night when I opened up a blank document on my computer and decided it was finally time I wrote a book. It all started with that small, simple act, which was followed with words that grew into sentences and paragraphs and finally into chapters and a cohesive story.

And it all takes some faith. Faith that our small choices today will grow into something beautiful tomorrow. Faith that that our little efforts will accumulate and count for something. Faith that, if we keep nurturing what we start today, then tomorrow we will look back and be so glad we took those small steps. Change, improvement, goals, etc. It isn't only writing. It's about life and BECOMING -- It all starts with a seed, a choice and the belief that tomorrow will come. Tomorrow is worth believing in. It's worth working for!


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