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September 2022

Six years after the death of George Wickham, Lydia is once again determined to catch a husband, but when her oldest daughter, Kelsey, realizes her mother is resorting to her usual, shameless tactics, Kelsey is determined to put an end to the pattern. Yet, stopping her mother seems impossible. Perhaps the only way to save the infamous Lydia Wickham from her own impropriety and spare her family from ruin is to distract her with what she craves most: the attention of a fine gentleman. But when fine gentlemen are scarce, what can Kelsey do but make one up? Unfortunately, the only person willing to help her is the handsome but swaggering Nathaniel Worth, a man with all the telltale signs of trouble. As Kelsey reluctantly confides in Nathaniel and pulls him into her schemes, she can't help but notice his kindness, charm, and incredibly dark eyes, but she'll never admit she's in love. Despite her best efforts, all Kelsey has done is proven to herself she is much more of a Wickham than she ever wanted to be. How can she give her heart to another when she cannot trust herself?


Swords and Slippers Final.png

August 2021

He proposed marriage. She proposed a duel. 

Tabitha Steely has nothing against marriage, so long as the man she marries can accept the fact that she is gifted with a sword. Unfortunately, the man who stole her heart doesn’t understand at all.

Patrick Goodwin knows he ruined his chances with Tabitha, but when he comes seeking forgiveness and her hand in marriage, she has her own proposal to make. He must fight her in a fencing match to prove he can accept her as she is. Otherwise, everyone loses.

This time, the fight for love is real. 



February 2021

He thinks she is a rare beauty. She knows he is charming on paper. Both hope for romance, but when letters are no longer enough, Clara must face the truth and decide whether to let go of pride or protect her heart.
For the first time in her life, Clara Everton has done something truly improper. She has written to a gentleman she hardly knows, simply to avoid an unwanted marriage proposal and perhaps to prove to herself that her first London season was not such a disappointment after all. As one letter grows into many and her feelings for James Thayne deepen, Clara begins to wonder whether a letter is as innocent a thing as she once thought. Meeting Mr. Thayne in person shakes her hopes, and she must reconcile herself to the unexpected truth. Yet, as circumstances continue to bring them together, Clara can't help but question whether opening her heart to Mr. Thayne is riskier than protecting it.

Historical Romance: Work
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