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Happy 2019!

Another year come and gone and a new year full of potential and opportunity! I just put up my January calendar in the kitchen, and already, the days are getting filled in with appointments and birthdays. There is so much ahead, and I'm hopeful good things are coming. More than ever, I am trying to just enjoy the moment, where I am, the people I'm with and such, but I'm also excited to think about all I have planned this year. I don't exactly set new years resolutions because, honestly, I like to make goals whenever I want to, and I end up doing it all year. But I am a believer in goals! They give me something to work toward, a reason to stretch. So in the spirit of New Year's, here is what I'll be working on:

1. Write another book. I didn't post anything in December because every spare moment I wasn't entertaining guests, Christmas shopping, or working on church related goals, I was spit-shining my Regency romance novel. Now that that's under review, I am going to spend some time working on two other writing projects. One is a fairy tale/fantasy novel and the other is a Regency. I'm trying to decide which one to focus on but will probably end up working on both regardless. Sometimes it's nice to have another book to turn to if I get stuck on the other one. Good times ahead!

2. Run a half marathon. I've already signed up for a race in June. The longest race I've ever done is a 10K, so this is really exciting for me. In the words of Syndrome (you know, from Incredibles?), "I'm still geeking out about it!"

3. Finish illustrating a children's book my husband wrote. My husband has written this really cute rhyming story about a little monkey. I'll let him share the details when he wants to, but I'm working on the illustrations. It's slow going because of other things I am doing, but little strokes fell great oaks, as good old Benjamin Franklin (I think) would say.

There are lots of other personal things I'll be working on, like having more patience and getting my house more organized, but those kinds of goals are long term projects!

Now that the deep winter freeze is setting in (at least, where I am), the biggest obstacle is stepping outside. It was FREEZING today!

Good luck with your goals this year! Happy New Year!!!


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