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Friday's Quote

Today's quote comes from Rilla of Ingleside. It is the last in the Anne of Green Gables series and follows the story of Anne's youngest daughter Rilla, a vain and frivolous girl who is compelled to mature and grow up as she endures the hardships of World War I. As a young girl who loved Anne of Green Gables, I never thought to check whether there were sequels (yes, I'm old enough to have grown up when the internet wasn't a thing). It wasn't until a kind neighbor told me there were several more books in the series, which she happened to own, and yes, I could borrow them! Bless that neighbor! I loved them all, but I especially loved Rilla of Ingleside. I highly recommend it if you haven't read it. The way Rilla learns and rises to the challenges she is faced with is so inspiring to me.

When I came across the quote below, I thought about how quickly covid-19 changed our world, suddenly disconnecting me, like most people, from the usual places and routines. But taking time to slow down and face this new normal, even if it was not by choice, has been a powerful reminder to me of what matters most.


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