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A Poem for Christmas

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

To celebrate Christmas, I wrote a poem about the Savior. It is not necessarily about His birth, but it is about the light I feel He brings to my life.

Redeemer, My Light (by me)

I live in a world so full of light.

Mountains and trees,

Rivers and seas,

Beasts and insects,

Grass and breeze.

Earth cradles me well

As a witness,

It is good.

But the night descends.

I am lost in the woods.

I drown in the ocean.

I cower at the beasts.

The weeds and nettles

Prick and sting.

Tempests urge me to doubt

I will ever survive.

I am tempted to drift,

To give up and fall faint,

Or wander amiss,

While the darkness is great.

But the light still shines bright,

Ever brighter,

Brighter still.

And the closer I come,

I can feel how it burns.

It burns away lies.

It burns away sin.

It hurts to be pulled

From the depths I am in.

But the light should consume.

We are meant to be one.

I must take His hand,

Accept light from the Son.

As the darkness is purged,

I can see clear as day

All of my stains are washed away.

I am humbled and bare,

With a heart soft for molding.

I learn of His gifts

And I reach for His place.

His hand reassures me,

His light will not falter.

The light in His words

Ever brightens my peace.

The light in His miracles

Lightens my way.

The light in His life,

Ever shines in my soul.

And the light in His suffering

Makes me perfectly whole.


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